• FUD Folding Magpie Decoys Pack of 6

FUD Folding Magpie  Decoys Pack of 6

 These four words capture the intent and future of the NRA FUD. After years of extensive market research and product development the FUD has become the best possible decoying solution by delivering the basics. The facts that stand the FUD different from all other decoying products cannot be argued. They remain:

The decoy market is full of differing decoy styles such as floaters, shells, silhouettes, full-body, and motion decoys. So many styles is not a statement of decoying correctness nor hunter preference. It simply reflects that none of them can meet all hunter needs. None of them can do the full decoying job. The FUD does the full decoying job replacing all existing styles. It is the first and only decoy that delivers in water, on ice, on land, in motion, and in transport and storage.

The FUD decoys employ three dimensional photo-realism to eliminate any need for decoy movement in your pattern!...take up our challenge: use the FUD decoys on their own. Do not mix with any other decoys, flappers or magnets and just WATCH THE RESULTS!!

The traditions and history of hand-carved decoys has made model ducks the dominant decoy foundation for decades. Decoy excellence is too often measured in the hand using decorative rules more suited to Decoy Shows in pursuit of lounge room acclaim. The act of decoying itself has lost its meaning, as has field harvest results, as has the principles that make a decoy "decoy". The FUD is not a decorative decoy, it is designed to fool wood pigeons in the field instead of hunters in the shop.

Blow-moulded model pigeons are a poor foundation for a product most commonly used on land and under shotguns. The hunting basics must be delivered before any product can call itself a decoy. Conventional decoys that sink, that crack, that fade, and that cannot handle the elements cannot claim excellence. The fact remains that none of the failings are found in the FUD.

Growing use of purpose designed feeders, tuck decoys, butt feeders, and motion decoys is an acknowledgement by both hunters and manufacturers that rig variation is necessary to minimize decoy alarm signals. The FUD pushes the variation boundaries deploying in all postures, avoiding all common decoy alarm signals, and using the wind for unprecedented movement making spread supplements redundant.

The high cost influence of hand carved decoys remains amongst many mass-market decoy lines. The FUD is a decoy with unrivalled field credentials and quality that matches the best mass-market premium magnum decoys at price points that can now out-perform the worst magnums. The FUD has the cost metrics to be the first ever "fair valued" premium quality decoy ensuring that its unrivalled functionality credentials gain mass market exposure.
And there are no rules prohibiting three dimensional fullbody decoying solutions from being fold up and collapsible. The FUD's collapsible nature makes it trade compelling at 1/2 the weight and 1/4 of the SKU volume of any blow-molded alternative.

Totally matte, non shine finish. Constructed from heavy duty neoprene/EVA bonding.

The FUD is a different and disruptive technology that outperforms all existing decoy offerings. Not surprisingly the FUD's future was found with a new player entering the decoy market. That new player is NRA FUD.


Can your decoys be deployed in a range of postures to add realism? Can you set up your decoys without any game bird alarm signals? Can you deploy the same decoy on land, in the shallows, and floating? Experienced hunters know the strength of multiple postures which is why there are specific feeder designs, duck butts, tuck decoys, and decoys with moving heads. But before any product can claim to be multi-postured it has to be able to emulate the full range of game bird postures found in the wild. Anything less is a compromise.

With multiple points of movement between the head, body and stand, the posture possibilities you can now present to birds overhead is endless and unprecedented.

Body Pivot - With either floating or field standing decoys the body section can be rotated forwards to create great feeding postures, or rotated backwards to emulate standing or sentry birds. Simply position the keel at the required mark on the chest plate.

Pedestal Pivot - The stand or pedestal also pivots upwards into the body to create great shell postures of birds resting on drillings or stubble. Stand positioning can also be used to adjust the angle of your decoy's body to the ground.

Head Movement - The head section moves forwards and backwards, and can be rotated upwards and downwards to create the most realistic of feeding postures ever found in decoys. True feeders are only possible when the head pivots vertically touching the ground.

Included in each box:

6 x FUD Multi-Posture Crows Decoys

Multi-Adjustable Colour Coded Steel Feet/Pegs

'Fudslinger' Carrying Hook

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FUD Folding Magpie Decoys Pack of 6

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