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The perfect choice for those who prefer the slim roof prism design. Still hunting sets extreme demands on you and your equipment. You must be able to react quickly and precisely to changing situations. The NighthunterXP 8x44 has been developed for exactly this purpose. Its incomparable optics offer you an exact, clear and precise image. The Comfort Balance System lets them nestle beautifully in your hand.

STEINER Nighthunter XP 8x44

The NighthunterXP 8x44 offers up to 25% more surface of the exit pupil than comparable competitors products. Its 2-metre close focus range puts you in control of any situation. The easy handling of the NighthunterXP 8x44 is facilitated by its open, extremely light and stable construction. That means you have a hand free to react quickly to unforeseen situations if required.

High-Definition XP-Optics: STEINER developed these remarkable optics, using the purest index matched glass, and coatings using rare-earth formulations of titanium, fl uorite and other mineral substrates. The result is fi rst-class light transmission, brightness and optimal contrast. The Nighthunter XP‘s roof prism system contains a specially developed dielectric mirror with a vapour-deposited phase correction coating. This high-tech phase correction gives exact resolution of detail and true colours. It also reflects up to 99% of incoming light. In addition, the dielectric mirrors prevent aging of the coating. Aging also means that there is a loss of light transmission after some time. The contours of these optics are always sharp and distinctly visible, even in poor light or at the onset of dusk.

Fast-Close-Focus: A small adjustment of the focussing wheel with your fi ngers is all that‘s needed to recognise details of the bird quickly and with absolute sharpness. The Discovery’s Fast- Close-Focus completely does away with the need for clumsy and timeintensive turning of the focussing wheel. With a close focus range of two metres, the Discovery provides extremely comfortable handling with perfect focussing in an unbelievably short time.

Nitrogen filling via 2-way valve technology: Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this hightech solution. Even temperature variations between -40° and +80°C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-fi lled binoculars. The unique 2-way-valve technology makes inspection possible even after a number of years. Your binoculars are always ready for action even under the most extreme conditions. Optical quality and precision are maintained for decades.

Water-pressure proof to 5m: The Nighthunter XP range is waterproof even up to a depth of five metres. This is made possible by special sealing technologies. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into the binoculars.

Twist-up eyecups: The novel Twist-up Eyecups offer optimum protection against incidental light from the side. They don‘t just block troublesome refl ections; they ensure an extremely bright image. The three positions of the eyecups offer an ergonomic, a classic cylindrical and a position for people wearing glasses. If the eyecups do not fi t exactly to your eyes, they can be adjusted as desired by the eyecup fine adjustment mechanism.

STEINER Nano-Protection®: Unsurpassed clear vision is offered by the proven STEINER Nano- Protection®. It provides the lenses with a dirt and water resistant surface, protecting them against aggressive environmental effects. Rain, snow and moisture are eliminated from your view. Cleaning is considerably simplifi ed and hard-to-remove dirt becomes a thing of the past. The ultra-thin hydrophobic surface treatment on the objective and ocular lenses is extremely robust and ensures that your binoculars will deliver high-contrast brilliant images across the decades.

Extreme ruggedness: Under the outer armouring hides a high-tech, lightweight, high pressure, cast magnesium alloy chassis that delivers unrivalled stability. This material makes the housing even more shockproof and thus much more rugged. At the same time it keeps the weight down and enables compact construction. With this sturdy construction, your binoculars will master the toughest action.

NBR-longlife rubber armouring: This chemical formula is not only robust, it also gives you a very good grip, in cold, heat, sea water and the sun‘s rays. For a perfect grip, the rubber composite should be soft and non-slip, but on the other hand, the harder it is, the more durable it will be. The NBR-Longlife rubber composite is a perfect solution that makes the Discovery a pleasure to hold. It is resistant against oil, acid and bird droppings. A rubber armouring that is at the same time soft, non-slip and shockproof.

Softgrips: Steiners novel Softgrips for your thumbs ideally combine comfort with a fi rm grip on the binoculars. The lightweight and comfortable feel eliminates pressure points, particularly if you are observing for longer periods, for example when carrying out a bird population census. At the same time, they give the Discovery excellent balance.

Floating prism system: The integrated STEINER floating prism system provides an absolute shock-protection and guarantees rugged stability for a reliable life-time performance of tough use.

ClicLoc strap attechement: With this carefully thought-out STEINER strap attachment, your binoculars always remain fi rmly attached to the strap! The ClicLoc strap attachment system makes removal quick, in one easy movement.

Standard accessories: The ocular rain protection cover supplied is completely waterproof and prevents contamination by rain or dust. Depending on the model, these are supplied in neoprene or plastic. Objective protection caps and a high-quality carrying bag come with the binoculars. All binoculars in the NighthunterXP series carry a 30-year warranty.

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Steiner Nighthunter 8x44 Binoculars

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